percol is an interactive grep tool in your terminal. 

OS X Auditor is a free Mac OS X computer forensics tool

Coffee is the ritual, gasoline, and creative juice that fuels our early mornings and late nights. Fast Company took a deep dive into the world of coffee purism, where everyone from designers and engineers to entrepreneurs and vcs are now trying to hack their way into the business of creating the perfect cuppa joe.
“Such an epic project would be unlikely to be attempted now, he says, not least because the funding of academic projects is much shorter-term.”
“So long as we find anything beautiful, we feel that we have not yet exhausted what [life] has to offer […] That forward-looking element is … inseparable from the judgment of beauty.”
— Alexander Nehamas, Only a Promise of Happiness: The Place of Beauty in a World of Art, via The Beauty-Happiness Connection - The Atlantic

This blog records the investigatory work of Garson O’Toole who diligently seeks the truth about quotations. Who really said what? This question often cannot be answered with complete finality, but approximate solutions can be iteratively improved over time.

Stefan Sagmeister @ FITC: You are not a storyteller

“In this sense, authors and publisher-curators are in the ‘civilisation business’, trafficking in the knowledge that provides the building blocks for culture and society. They probably shouldn’t go around talking about ‘civilisation’ too often, but it’s true nonetheless. Books are a different class of object, profoundly unlike magazines, newspapers, blogs, games or social media sites. The world they evoke is richer, more dense and, literally, more meaningful.”
“What changes as we move from the scarcity of wartime Warsaw to the abundance of the First World isn’t the nature of the anxiety, it’s just the nature and significance of the choice itself. In one case, it seems heart-wrenching; in the other, trivial. Our brains, though, don’t make those kinds of value judgments: to them, a difficult choice is a difficult choice. And difficult choices mean anxiety.”
“We have come to think of the actual as one among many possible worlds. We need to repaint that picture. All possible worlds lie within the actual one.”
— Nelson Good, Fact, Fiction, and Forecast, 1983, p.57.
“Her has the same defiantly wistful manchild regression Jonze showed in his version of Where the Wild Things Are – a singular exercise in imagination, almost a postmodern pastoral.”
“Internet addicts like me will see the film as a bang-on indictment of how so many of us use technology as a form of escape from our lives, while trying to convince ourselves it enhances it. In the film, everyone is bent over their phones, avoiding eye contact. And when I came out of the cinema, what did I immediately do? Bend over my phone and look for people online to talk to instead of talking to the actual people next to me with whom I’d gone to the cinema. But that was OK because they were doing the same: staring at their screens, white buds in their ears, blocking out the world. We all know this, of course, but sometimes you need to see a film about a man having sex with data for it to clarify.”


Droopy is a mini Web server whose sole purpose is to let others upload files to your computer.

This was the 2012 performance of the year for NPR’s “Snap Judgment.” If you try to find Noah St. John on the Innerwebz, you will see that there’s some motivational speaker guy with that name. That is NOT this guy. Try Googling Noah Silverman St. John instead. You’re welcome.

[via This Kid Thought His Parents Were Breaking Up After 20 Years, But He Was So Wrong]