How did Pack Up Your Troubles become the viral hit of WW1? — BBC

This is the story of a song that travelled the world and became one of the most iconic songs of World War One. Almost 100 years after it was written, the tune and lyrics remain with us long after the guns of World War One have fallen silent.

There is a deep desire that the writer’s life story be as exciting as the books themselves. I don’t know whether this comes out of a lack of imagination on the part of readers, our out of a yearning for the novels’ spell to continue past the final page. Probably some measure of both.
You can’t ruin a painting’s mystique through technical analysis," Olson says. "It still has the same emotional impact. We are just separating the real from the unreal.
Based on their calculations, they concluded that Monet must have painted the work between February 3rd and 7th. After studying the letters Monet wrote during that time, as well as historical weather and tidal data, they narrowed the precise date to February 5th, 1883 at 4:53 PM local time.
What your correspondent realized, relaxing there in his tub one day, was that the real subject of this literature was the professional-managerial audience itself, whose members hear clear, sweet reason when they listen to NPR and think they’re in the presence of something profound when they watch some billionaire give a TED talk. And what this complacent literature purrs into their ears is that creativity is their property, their competitive advantage, their class virtue. Creativity is what they bring to the national economic effort, these books reassure them — and it’s also the benevolent doctrine under which they rightly rule the world.
To have that flow of creativity within a friendship so that it feels like it’s spiraling upward and not just circling.
I need some kind of end. I like there to be a point. I was never a games night guy, but at some point social interaction starts to freak me out. So when there’s a point, it’s easier for me to see the people I love and hang out and try to have fun.
I was only put on this Earth to connect with the people who were attuned.
Care deeply about your personal values and live them fully in this world. Don’t get caught up in worrying about other people’s checklists to tell you what good work means to you. Give a crap. Don’t give a fuck.
The normalisation of torture in Zero Dark Thirty is a sign of the moral vacuum we are gradually approaching.
this rare and serious writer, who spoke for those who remain vexed by what it means to live a meaningful life amid so much plenty and noise.
In Britain, a degree in English was exclusively academic. The pre-Plath generation of British students had studied the old dead men and, marvellous as they were/are, they were a scold’s bridle on any idea that women too could be poets. In speaking when she did, Plath fired the wild hearts of the last silenced generation of poets in Britain. We all began to speak in our own way, because suddenly someone was listening.
Our capacity for fantasy — for indulging that nagging sense that as good as we’ve got it, there could be something better, some person or place that could transform us — might be humankind’s greatest burden.